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Visually understand your customers

Simple 5 minute installation

Modern interface unlike your usual analytics reports

Everything at a glance

Make your website more effective at selling

Pageviews, Events, UTM's and simple Goal tracking

The dashboard shows you how your website is performing on just 1 screen.

Performing pages, countries, referrers

UTM's! Find out where your sales come from

Simple Goals tracking

Devices, OS, Browsers and more

Heatmaps (coming soon)

Understand the hot and cold zones of your website. For example, your top menu and above the fold content is the most valuable real estate on your site, what if some of your top menu links are not being clicked?

Or the advert you thought was the best thing since slice bread was toast!

Click tracking shown by heatmaps

See where people click on your valuable above-the-fold content

Multiple heatmaps per site

Desktop, tablet and mobile versions

Awesome analytics

Do you ever feel like you have too much information in front of you but don't know what it means? You'll love our clean and simple interface and intuitive analytics.

Real-time visitor stats

See live data showing you how many users are online, which devices are most popular, and what pages are most accessed.

Record user sessions

This is how you can see a visitors' journey around your website: what they click, where they go, what they like and don't like. You can also replay their sessions to see what they did.

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1k Events
10 Replays
1 Website

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5k Events
100 Replays
3 Websites

£75 p/m

200k Page Views
15k Events
500 Replays
5 Websites

£125 p/m

500k Page Views
25k Events
1k Replays
25 Websites

If you can't figure out why your visitors are heading off to the competition then Convert Proof is right for you.

Cole Accounting

If you can't figure out why your marketing budget is delivering poor ROI, Convert Proof can help with the heatmaps, easy stats and visitor recording.

Humberstones Homes

In a matter of minutes, we were able to identify and implement a change on one of our landing pages that doubled conversions. The insights and ROI are amazing.

Bowbrook Lodges

Squeeze the most out of your website.

It's quick and simple to get started so you can start seeing where your website needs improvements in no time.

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